My Top 25 blogs for 2008

As discussed in yesterday’s post, here my Top 25 blogs for 2008. Hopefully there’s enough detail, laid out in a usable fashion, to encourage you to try out a few of the links.

Blog Name



Brain Rules
John Medina 12 Principles for Surviving at Work, Home, and School
Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies Jane Hart Knowledge, Skills and Tools for the Learning 2.0 Age
Clive on Learning Clive Shepherd Clive Shepherd has spent the past 25 years working with computers trying to make learning things happen electronically. He’s still trying to figure it out.
Connecting 2 the World Virginia Yonkers Connecting ideas, cultures, and disciplines
Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development Brent Schlenker Corporate Learning Blogger, Strategist, Consultant exploring the crossroads of Technology and Learning.
Elearning Technology Tony Karrer Tony Karrer’s blog on Elearning trends
elearningpost Maish R Nichani elearningpost provides news and views into the process and practice of e- learning.
Elearnspace George Siemens Explores elearning, knowledge management, networks, technology, and community.
Experiencing E-Learning Christy Tucker Technology Skills for Instructional Designers
Internet Time Jay Cross Internet Time Group helps organizations improve the performance of their people by speeding up their learning.
Learning Circuits Blog ASTD Home of the LCB Big Question
Learning Visions Cammy Bean Musings on e-Learning, instructional design and other tidbits
Leisurely Theorems Bill Brandon Notes about learning and performance.
liquid elearning Michelle Gallen Thoughts on e-learning – what’s new, what works and what’s plain daft
Off Course – On Target Wayne Hodgins Perspectives on human performance improvement, knowledge management, learning, and the general nature of design.
OLDaily Stephen Downes Covers the world of online learning, and as a daily there is an expectation that it will be fresh, that it will contain the news of the day.
Plan B Donald Clark What is Plan B? Not Plan A!
Rapid Elearning Tom Kuhlmann Practical, real-world tips for e-learning success
Rapid Elearning News Ted Cocheu Where common sense is spoken about workplace learning
rElearn Eamon Costello reuse repurpose rElearn
The Bamboo Project Michele Martin Career Development, Technology and Learning Strategies for Personal and Professional Growth
Weblogg-ed Will Richardson Insights into blogs, wikis and podcasts for learning
Workplace Learning Today Brandon Hall Research Daily summary of news and articles about all aspects of employee training

… and my favourite e-learning blog : the E-Learning Curve Blog (of course!).

8 thoughts on “My Top 25 blogs for 2008

  1. Hey, thanks! I really appreciate you having me on your list. I hope my thoughts and ramblings are helpful, insightful, and encouraging in your life and career in eLearning.
    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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